Back to School Budgeting Guide

It’s Back-to-school season!  The shopping season is in full swing from early July through late September. Back-to-school shopping can be hard on a budget. Use this back-to-school budgeting guide to plan out your spending. School Supplies Before you go out and buy school supplies, take stock of what you already have in drawers or onContinue reading “Back to School Budgeting Guide”

Financial Literacy: Empowering Your Clients

Financial education and money management go hand in hand. Protect yourself and your clients by empowering them with financial literacy. April is Financial Literacy Month, and in recognition, the National Council on Aging published an article that highlights eight tips for older adults to protect themselves from money scams. Millions of older adults fall preyContinue reading “Financial Literacy: Empowering Your Clients”

BACK TO NORMAL: Bad News Is Good News For The Economy

Bad news is good news for the economy. You will want to watch a few bad news indicators as you search for evidence of recovery from the pandemic’s economic devastation. When matters get back to normal, bad news usually becomes good news. Unemployment Numbers Typically, a rise in unemployment is negative news. Especially, as theContinue reading “BACK TO NORMAL: Bad News Is Good News For The Economy”