When to Hire a Financial Planner

When to hire a financial planner? According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute’s 2022 retirement poll, one in every three working persons and retirees now works with a professional financial planner. Almost half of those without a planner intends to hire one in the future. A life event, such as marriage or divorce, is frequentlyContinue reading “When to Hire a Financial Planner”


A trust is a legal arrangement through which an individual (or an institution, such as a bank or law firm), called a “trustee,” holds legal title to the property for the benefit of another person, called a “beneficiary.” An individual appointing another person as the trustee of a trust is a strong vote of confidenceContinue reading “THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF A TRUSTEE”

The Impact of Reverse Mortgages on Medicaid and Medi-Cal Benefits

The impact of reverse mortgages on Medicaid and Medi-Cal benefits can be confusing to understand. If your home is free and clear, we set up your HECM Reverse Mortgage using the equity in your home. Since the structuring of HECM Reverse Mortgage is an increasing line of credit, you can request funds in any amountContinue reading “The Impact of Reverse Mortgages on Medicaid and Medi-Cal Benefits”


According to retirement income specialist Alicia Munnell, those in the middle class who retire before 70 use their 401(k) assets first and defer receiving Social Security payments. This strategy is the “Social Security bridge” in retirement planning. Building a bridge to Social Security are those who retire in their early or middle 60s are supposedContinue reading “A BRIDGE TO SOCIAL SECURITY”

BACK TO NORMAL: Bad News Is Good News For The Economy

Bad news is good news for the economy. You will want to watch a few bad news indicators as you search for evidence of recovery from the pandemic’s economic devastation. When matters get back to normal, bad news usually becomes good news. Unemployment Numbers Typically, a rise in unemployment is negative news. Especially, as theContinue reading “BACK TO NORMAL: Bad News Is Good News For The Economy”


The age-old lesson is that LESS can be more. James and Patricia had a very expensive, large home that they had lived in for quite some time. Even though they had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mortgages on their property, they still maintained a strong equity position. However, over the years they also acquired a lotContinue reading “LESS CAN BE MORE”