Resources for the New Generation of Caregivers

As a growing number of long-term care is given at home and in the community, services that help older adults and family caregivers of all ages are becoming increasingly important. The following resources can help younger caregivers protect their physical, mental, social, and financial health and find ways to help their grandparents without putting theirContinue reading “Resources for the New Generation of Caregivers”

A New Generation of Caregivers

Millennials and Generation Z are entering into caregiving roles. A new generation of caregivers is assisting their older and sick family members. According to a 2020 report, the average age of family carers (49.2 years old) has remained steady since 2015. The data also shows that 24 percent of informal caregivers are between 18 andContinue reading “A New Generation of Caregivers”

How to Help Save Lives: Financial Stress and Suicide

According to research, financial stress can increase the risk of suicide by up to 20 times. Doctors talk about how financial stress and suicide affect an individual’s mental health and offer ways to move forward and how to help save lives. Many individuals often have trouble with money. Federal Reserve Bank of New York reportContinue reading “How to Help Save Lives: Financial Stress and Suicide”