Mortgage Relief Scams – Saving Your Home

Many people fall behind on their mortgage payments as a result of the COVID-19  pandemic. Mortgage relief scams are taking advantage of many people. You should be wary of mortgage relief schemes if you are behind on your payments. Free foreclosure assistance is available to everyone. Anyone who attempts to charge you upfront fees forContinue reading “Mortgage Relief Scams – Saving Your Home”

State of Emergency: Housing Insecurity and Aggressive Action

Below is a blog by Dave Uejio of CFPB. He addresses the housing insecurity and aggressive action that is needed by him and his team. The CFPB released our first analysis of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on housing. The good news is that actions taken by both the public and private sectors haveContinue reading “State of Emergency: Housing Insecurity and Aggressive Action”

BACK TO NORMAL: Bad News Is Good News For The Economy

Bad news is good news for the economy. You will want to watch a few bad news indicators as you search for evidence of recovery from the pandemic’s economic devastation. When matters get back to normal, bad news usually becomes good news. Unemployment Numbers Typically, a rise in unemployment is negative news. Especially, as theContinue reading “BACK TO NORMAL: Bad News Is Good News For The Economy”