Financial Advisor vs. Financial Planner

Do you require financial advice? Do you need a financial advisor, financial planner, or an accredited financial counselor? The answer depends on various factors, including how complex your finances are, how comfortable are you managing investments, where you are on your path to wealth, and where you want to be. The advisor’s role is toContinue reading “Financial Advisor vs. Financial Planner”

Inflation, Stock Market, Retirement – OH MY!

Inflation, Stock Market, Retirement – OH MY! Many cash-strapped, equity-wealthy – older Americans rely on a fixed income and their retirement assets, which may have suffered from stock and bond market losses.  Inflation is rapidly reaching 10%, and their retirement investments may have declined by 10% to 20% due to recent stock and bond marketContinue reading “Inflation, Stock Market, Retirement – OH MY!”

Drug Pricing Hurts Older Adults

The Organization for Economic Development reports that Americans pay more for prescription drugs than people in other wealthy countries. The average American in 2022 spends $1,807, compared to $1,032 in Germany, $921 in Britain, and $904 in Sweden. These are exclusively insured payments. Drug pricing hurts older adults and others. Overpriced drugs can be disastrousContinue reading “Drug Pricing Hurts Older Adults”

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Whether leaving due to a fire, flood, vacation, or medical emergency, knowing that you have their essentials ready to go can make a huge difference. Older adults have more to worry about than younger households because the threat of an unexpected serious illness making it necessary to vacate with short notice is dramatically higher. InContinue reading “Reducing Anxiety and Stress”

Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Financial Advisor

Choices abound in life, as we all know. Life-altering consequences can result from certain decisions but not others. If we’re being honest, there are occasions when we make the wrong decision because we don’t know better. We should seek advice when it comes to our financial well-being. A financial advisor is a big decision; hereContinue reading “Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Financial Advisor”

How to Avoid Outliving Your Reverse Mortgage

Waiting as long as you can to take out a reverse mortgage may be one way to limit your chances of outliving the proceeds. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warns that younger retirees with longer life expectancies have a greater chance of using up all of their home equity with a reverse mortgage. This isn’tContinue reading “How to Avoid Outliving Your Reverse Mortgage”

Diversification & Asset Allocation: Where Does Home Equity Fit?

I came across this article in the FPA’s December 2021 Journal of Financial Planning during my research. It reinforces my beliefs and the solutions I continue to advocate for when reducing adverse risk in retirement. I highly recommend this paper for certified financial planners and wealth managers, and other trusted advisors who have clients contemplatingContinue reading “Diversification & Asset Allocation: Where Does Home Equity Fit?”

Beware of Holiday Shopping Scams Part 3

Six More Security Tips to Protect Your Identity and Money from Holiday Shopping Scams Shoppers must beware of holiday shopping scams. To better protect your identity and money this holiday season, here are six things you can do to keep the cheer. If you missed part 1 or part 2 of our series, here are the links. Buy gift cards from a trustedContinue reading “Beware of Holiday Shopping Scams Part 3”

Beware of Holiday Shopping Scams Part 2

Six Holiday Security Tips to Protect Your Identity and Money Beware of holiday shopping scams, they won’t only take your identity and money, they will take your joy too. If you missed part 1 of our series, it can be found here. Beware of phishing attacks – In general, be careful when you get anContinue reading “Beware of Holiday Shopping Scams Part 2”