Staying Financially Healthy

Let’s Reverse Your Thinking® with Mathius ‘Marc” Gertz.

I believe that the key to Staying Financially Healthy is open communication and being proactive, along with a plan designed to address the unique needs and goals of each and every client. 

I feel an obligation to work with trusted advisors to help them to do the best job possible for their clients. Sometimes this includes considering a reverse mortgage as a source of liquidity for the estate or retirement planning. My role is to be a trusted advisor for the advisor, for their clients and their families.

Honest conversation truly does shine a light on misunderstandings and erroneous beliefs. I feel that same way about sharing what I know about reverse mortgages with homeowners, their families and trust advisors. However, it all begins with trust and listening and teamwork.

Therefore, Staying Financially Healthy means we must collaborate, educate, and problem-slove. So let’s Reverse Your Thinking® about reverse mortgages.

Drug Pricing Hurts Older Adults

The Organization for Economic Development reports that Americans pay more for prescription drugs than people in other wealthy countries. The average American in 2022 spends $1,807, compared to $1,032 in Germany, $921 in Britain, and $904 in Sweden. These are exclusively insured payments. Drug pricing hurts older adults and others. Overpriced drugs can be disastrousContinue reading “Drug Pricing Hurts Older Adults”

Gray Divorce: Double-Standards

Growing old isn’t easy, and here’s more proof. Except for people over 50, divorce rates in the United States are declining. Twenty years ago, only one out of every ten divorced spouses was 50 or older; today, one out of every four is. According to Jay Lebow, a Northwestern University’s Family Institute psychologist, “If late-lifeContinue reading “Gray Divorce: Double-Standards”

Where to Turn to For Help

What if an older adult’s children or other family members have no idea where to turn for help when their elder loved one is suddenly in need? Language Matters: Senior Concierge Services For older adults, a steadfast desire to maintain independence as long as possible is completely understandable; we all want autonomy over our lives.Continue reading “Where to Turn to For Help”


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Staying Financially Healthy. Reverse Your Thinking with Mathius Marc Gertz
Mathius ‘Marc’ Gertz MBA, AFC®, CAPS, CDLP

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I maintain a holistic collaborative approach to the reverse financial planning process that includes educating advisors and keeping them current on financial strategies to help protect the quality of their client’s lives.

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