Gray Divorce: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Ten Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid The financial fall-out of divorcing after 50 can pull the plug on your retirement dreams: legal fees, therapist bills and single-handedly shouldering bills you once shared can drain your savings. With a gray divorce, avoid these 10 mistakes and protect your financial future: Failing to create an inventory ofContinue reading “Gray Divorce: 10 Mistakes to Avoid”

Gray Divorce: Double-Standards

Growing old isn’t easy, and here’s more proof. Except for people over 50, divorce rates in the United States are declining. Twenty years ago, only one out of every ten divorced spouses was 50 or older; today, one out of every four is. According to Jay Lebow, a Northwestern University’s Family Institute psychologist, “If late-lifeContinue reading “Gray Divorce: Double-Standards”

Divorce and Mortgages: What mistakes to avoid

One of the most significant financial decisions homeowners face when divorcing is what to do with the home and real property. Agreeing on how to handle the mortgage and the house can be a challenge. Especially, without proper guidance from a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP™), like Mathius ‘Marc’ Gertz. Let’s touch on divorce andContinue reading “Divorce and Mortgages: What mistakes to avoid”