When to Hire a Financial Planner

When to hire a financial planner? According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute’s 2022 retirement poll, one in every three working persons and retirees now works with a professional financial planner. Almost half of those without a planner intends to hire one in the future. A life event, such as marriage or divorce, is frequentlyContinue reading “When to Hire a Financial Planner”

Estate Plan Review Checklist

Estate and end-of-life preparation are two topics that frequently make individuals nervous. Many people seem uncomfortable or anxious while discussing such things or appear too big and hard to consider. This does not have to be the case. Use this estate plan review checklist for a starting point. This list is not all-inclusive, but itContinue reading “Estate Plan Review Checklist”


Many financial planners have voluntarily undergone training and met various requirements for specific professional certifications. Often, relevant work experience is required. Here are some Financial Planner Professional Certificates that these dedicated individuals earn. Certification: Accredited Estate PlannerDescription: Estate PlanningWebsite: http://www.naepc.org Certification: Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC)Description: Financial Counseling and Money managementWebsite: http://www.afcpe.org Certification: Certified Financial PlannerContinue reading “FINANCIAL PLANNER PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES”