Spotting Tech Support Scams

Spotting Tech Support Scams | Staying Financially Healthy | Reverse Your Thinking® Senior man talking on phone and using tablet, sitting at desk at home. Modern technology, communication concept
Spotting Tech Support Scams | Staying Financially Healthy | Reverse Your Thinking®

Spotting tech support scams are crucial for older adults. Scammers exploit your fears about viruses and other threats, but they don’t want to protect your computer. Instead, they want to sell you useless services, steal your credit card number, or install malware on your computer.

How do you know if you’re being scammed? Here are three common scenarios:

Scenario #1: Unsolicited call from tech support

For example, you get a call from someone who says he’s a computer technician. In fact, he claims to be from a well-known company. Of course, he says there are viruses or other malware on your computer to trick you into giving him remote access to your computer or buying the software you don’t need. He may ask you to pay by gift card or wire transfer.

Scenario #2: Unknown pop-up appears on your screen

Surprisingly, a pop-up window appears on your computer screen with a message warning of a security issue on your computer and tells you to call a phone number to get help. The person who answers may pretend to run a diagnostic test and claim to identify more problems.

Scenario #3: Unsolicited email about a suspended account

You get an email saying your account has been suspended. In a recent twist, scammers are sending emails saying your Zoom account has been suspended or you missed a meeting. If you click on the link, it will install malware. Thus, allowing the scammers to see what’s on your computer.

Act quickly if you’ve been scammed

Immediately contact your credit card company or bank if you’ve been scammed and paid by credit or debit card. In addition, contact the gift card company, tell them you paid a scammer, and ask for a refund.

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