Drug Pricing Hurts Older Adults

Drug Pricing Hurts Older Adults | Stayng Financially Healthy | Reverse Your Thinking®Prescription pill bottle with $20 bills inside. Concept or metaphor for cost of drugs. Isolated with clipping path
Drug Pricing Hurts Older Adults | Staying Financially Healthy | Reverse Your Thinking®

The Organization for Economic Development reports that Americans pay more for prescription drugs than people in other wealthy countries. The average American spends $1,100, compared to $742 in Germany, $619 in Australia, $509 in Sweden, and $478 in Britain. These are exclusively insured payments. Drug pricing hurts older adults and others. Overpriced drugs can be disastrous for the 40 million Americans without health insurance.

Younger generations don’t need as many medicines as older adults. 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 daily, increasing the number of Americans on fixed incomes facing exorbitant prescription prices and insurance deductibles. Forcing many to choose between quality food or medication. Both shorten an individual’s lifespan.

The pharma industry claims subsidized programs exist for such folks, but it merely highlights the lunacy of the system. The mere fact that a discount program is even needed for individuals to receive the medication they NEED.

Reverse mortgages have the potential to save lives. Do you know a retiree who is struggling to make ends meet and is still living in their own home? A program provides enough income to cover basic needs and medication, which can be a lifesaver and ensure that they can comfortably age in place.

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